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How to Get Blood Out of Carpet

Some home remedies can help you with a lot of things and can even help you figure out how to get blood out of carpet like with lemon, baking soda and vinegar. Getting out stains on your clothes is one thing but getting stains on your sheets, upholstery and carpet take up whole other level of work and effort.

In such a case you either have to be too good at cleaning up the stain on such things or you just have to remove all of these things from your house and get them cleaned by professionals. All of that can be quite expensive so people end up looking for the cleaning ideas on the internet. There are many good ideas that you can get online and they actually work really well. When it comes to the stains some of them are harder to remove than the other ones and bloodstain most definitely is the hardest. Removing paint off the carpet is also very tough.

Even after you clean it or wash the blood off there will be different coloured stains left behind and that happens because of the oxidation process. You are left with green and yellow coloured stains behind even after a thorough cleaning.


How do you get blood stains or anything else that stains really well can be damaging for your carpet and upholstery as well? It is also a normal occurrence for women to get their period blood on sheets and other such things. Some of the time people end up using a lot of bleach and other such chemicals on their carpets and that will in result destruction of the fabric.

Bleaching will destroy the fabric at all. There are also some of the stain-proof carpets and removing such stains from them is quite very easy. So instead of using dangerous chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, it is better to spend money on better carpets. But if you want to protect the one you already have following are some of the ways you can do that

Potato Start and Lukewarm Water

Simple things that you keep in your household can prove very beneficial sometimes, especially when you need to get rid of these stubborn stains, the key is to get rid of them the instant you get them if you let the stain rest on your carpet it will become more and more stubborn when it dry. So in order to get rid of the stain, you need to follow following steps of this method

  • First of all, you need to get rid of the excess fluid like blood or wine from the carpet. You can do that using a dry cloth.
  • Once done with that you can pour some lukewarm water on top of it and let the water rest on the stain for some time. This will help the water absorb some of the floods out of the carpet and into the water. Again wipe it off with a dry cloth. Keeping lukewarm water there will help you get rid of the maximum amount. Make sure that water is of appropriate temperature so the carpet doesn’t get too hot and the water is warm enough to loosen up the bloodstain.
  • Potato starch is a good absorbent and will help you suck up the blood from the deep within the carpet. Some make sure you sprinkle some of the potatoes starts on top of the carpet and make sure to do it when the carpet is wet and this way potato starch will absorb the blood and water. Let the potato start rest there for like 23 hours until it gets completely dry in the form of the dry blood. Now the blood will be in the dried form. Now vacuum the starch off the carpet.
  • Now if you can’t get it done with the above method then it is time to move on with another best way and that is the bloodstain remover method. You can by a good stain remover that is also gentle on your carpet can try to get rid of any stubborn stain that is left behind, usually, this is not something that will happen but if it does you should know that you can still make it right. At this point, the detergent, like OxiClean, might be quite harsh on your carpet but is a necessary step. So make sure you buy one form the market as there are many available and try to get rid of the stain using this and make your carpet cleaner.

How to Get Blood Out of Carpet Using Coldwater and Salt Method

Sometimes people have to give different methods a try before one can actually work. So what gets you need to do to remove blood stain now is to use the cold water and salt. Take the salt and add the water with this transparent mixture. Add enough salt to make a paste. This will help blood come loose and the stain will be easily removed by this method.

Water and Detergent

Depending on the type of carpet you have you have to choose a detergent for this method. If your carpet is sensitive then you need to use the gentlest detergent for it. This method can be used for different stains. Like if you have spill blood on the carpet or your cat dropped something on your white sheets you just need to get rid of it. There is no other thing you ill think of other than a detergent at that point, so what you will need to do is mix some of the detergents in the water. Make sure you are using the right detergent that won’t affect the colour of your sheets and won’t make them look old.  It also should also be helping you get rid of that buster stain.

Water and Ammonia

Water and ammonia mixture can also be a great help. Make sure to make a mixture and then spray it on the stain. Allow it to be like that for 5 minutes because that is how much it takes to remove the stain. Then clean up using a clean cloth. You can use hot or cold water in this method.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If none of the methods works for you, you have to move towards the harsher methods like cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide, if you think it is too concentrated and may destroy your carpet you can use homemade hydrogen peroxide by diluting it at home. You can use other alternatives like vinegar etc. too.

The last option or the only option in case you don’t want to go through this all is the dry cleaning. By the professional laundry help, you will be able to get rid of stain easier. So just like your jeans and towels, it’s time to get your blood-stained carpet cleaned as well. Getting rid of a carpet altogether is also an option if the stain just won’t go away and for the next time, you should buy the carpets and upholstery that is stain resistant. That is because sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t avoid such stains so with new carpet at least they will go easily.

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